Beef Bourguignon - Slow Cooker

Today’s cooking project featured beef from Baldwin Family Farms, one of the meat providers for Carolina Grown. In my continuing quest to use the slow-cooker (one of my many quests…am I a “multi-quester”?), I found a recipe for Beef Bourguignon which promised to be a fabulous slow cooker version.
 The recipe went well – a bit of work in the morning to get it going, but not too much in the afternoon. I served the beef with potatoes (buttered with parsley) and broccoli (to provide something healthy for our household vegetarians). I thought it was excellent and look forward to having more of it tomorrow (and maybe the next day too, if I’m lucky). The directions suggested straining the initial vegetables out of the sauce – I saved the stewed veggies and plan to serve them separately with the oversupply of potatoes. All in all, it was delicious.
This makes pretty good locavore recipe – with the exception of the pantry items, most of the beef, wine, and vegetable components are easily available (or substitutable)  in North Carolina – a definite keeper!
As an update to my locavore/econovore/confusedavore conundrum, I reread Mark Bittman’s Food Matters and downloaded a book called Strategic Eating, the Econovore’s Essential Guide. Lots of good information…next up to reread: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.
One last photo for this post:

Can you guess what this is?