Tonight’s dinner – homemade fettuccine with tomatoes and fresh basil (and some oregano too) will be a summer staple for us – very popular all around!

This batch of fettuccine is 1/3 whole wheat flour and the remainder all-purpose white flour. I tend to vary the flour composition based on what I have in the pantry, diner’s moods, and my desire to feed everyone 100% whole wheat.  The 1/3 whole wheat wasn’t detected…very good!

While the herb garden is still new and growing, I was able to find enough delectable basil and oregano leaves for this dish. Two of us added butter to the pasta, while the others selected olive oil and lemon olive oil.

The tomatoes, served diced and uncooked, were Barham’s Best from Barham Farms . Great tomatoes – especially this time of year!!

Incredibly simple, light, and fresh, this meal will probably make an appearance weekly. And the other good news is that we have enough leftover pasta for lunch tomorrow!

I just noticed that the color palette of the fettuccine dish matches that of my latest ink painting, Little Squirrel No. 2.  I’m not sure that I’ll color coordinate many of my paintings although the purple sweet potatoes were gorgeous.

Little Squirrel No. 2