Today was a refrigerator clean out day. The snow peas that I meant to cook Tuesday (and Wednesday and Thursday) are now in their new home in the freezer awaiting a future stir fry. The egg whites from I’m not sure when have moved on, and leftover applesauce is the featured ingredient of a fresh batch of muffins.

The muffins were pretty tasty – here’s a link to the recipe from Applesauce Muffins

Confession time: that is a link to the original recipe – the one I wanted to follow. It called for allspice (which I don’t have) so I chose to put in cloves instead…a minor substitution, not a big deal. But when I tasted my mini-muffins, I realized that the texture was a bit dense.  A quick scan of the recipe revealed that I neglected to add the baking soda. So while the taste was fine, I would recommend including a leavening agent. I guess it’s been a long week!

As an update to my internal locavore-econovore debate, I’ve been considering different approaches such as an 80/20 plan with hopes for 80% local North Carolina foods. But measuring 80/20% is not obvious – should I measure in dollars, calories, meals? My other big issue involves grains and legumes – including these nutritious, environmentally friendly, and relatively inexpensive foods is a must, but challenging as a local food…I’ll continue to ponder…