Over the past week, I’ve had wonderful opportunities to visit a few farmer’s markets and a few relatives (sometimes simultaneously!). I discovered two things: first, a lot of people like parsnips and second, daikon radishes look a lot like parsnips.

The mighty parsnip has been a frequent topic of conversation since I wrote about our less than positive taste test a week or two ago. I have heard many stories about how delicious parsnips are – the most common preparation involving a combination of parsnips and mashed potatoes or simple roasting. While I will certainly “give parsnips a chance”, it has been difficult to reconcile the pungent radish-y taste and more pungent cabbage-y smell with the various accolades the parsnip has received this last week. Perhaps, there is a logical explanation…

…like, it wasn’t a parsnip after all… The daikon radish that I’ve been seeing in the markets looks a lot like my food formerly known as a parsnip…without the tops, it’s still hard for me to tell. Raw, it tasted very much like a really big radish (and probably pretty good in small amounts mixes with other salad ingredients). This might fall into the “if it tastes like a radish, maybe it is a radish” category. I guess we’ll never really know, as we didn’t save any of the “Daikon Parsnip.” It will remain a mystery, not nearly as exciting as the Bermuda Triangle, but a mystery nonetheless.

…So, thinking ahead this time, does anyone have a good Daikon radish recipe just in case the mystery item appears in the produce box again?