As the July 1st locavore start date looms, I have had the good fortune to learn a few valuable things about my ability and desire (or lack thereof) to cook.

Apparently I suffer from cooking amnesia. When under the slightest bit of stress, I am completely unable to remember how to cook anything. No recipes come to mind, and I can look at a reasonably full refrigerator and declare that there is nothing to eat. One might think that I have never been in a kitchen before. This is a slight problem when one’s entire food plan for the year is based on cooking from scratch.

This past week we have visited more than a few fine dining establishments with the rationalization that “it’s not July yet.” But it will be July very soon, and I need to find a cure…or at least a way of managing my “amnesia”.

While it would be nice to eliminate all causes of stress, I suspect that the answer lies in better planning and detailed notes to myself (like, this is the stove…). I’m thinking that the time to plan is when I make my order from the Carolina Grown food co-op. I can base the meals around the available food, figure out what additional items are needed, and most importantly, write it all down so I don’t stare blankly at the refrigerator. This is the idea…I’ll keep you all posted on how it works out.

On the plus side, tonight we had a pleasant home cooked dinner of Texas Caviar and smashed, roasted potatoes. Maybe I’m on the mend…