Well, this is it…the last day before July 1. The eve of our year-long mostly-locavore journey. This morning I am boxing up the forbidden foods aka emergency rations…I have a feeling that the Phineas and Ferb Mac and Cheese is going to be a pretty commodity down the road.

I’m keeping the pantry items such as the spices, baking soda, vinegar, and condiments – when they run out, they’ll need to be replaced from the precious $129 budget. (For details of my 80%/20% locavore plan, please check out the page above creatively entitled “Locavore Plan”). I’m also keeping a few special foods that I know I’ll need shortly – namely the pine nuts and the parmesan…the basil is growing well and pesto season is upon us!

For the most part, though, the pantry has been transformed from packageland to bulk containerville. I really do need to add some labels to the containers. Apparently one ground grain looks like another as evidenced by the unfortunate “Pasta made of cornmeal” event of June 17th…did I forget to blog about that one?

I’ll try to blog frequently and include more recipes (not the cornmeal pasta). I’ll also be highlighting our local foods – we’ll be blueberry picking later this week, and I’ll include updates on how were doing on the 80/20% plan. But for now, back to cleaning out the cabinets!