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Flatbread Pizza

Day 2 and so far so good! I am waiting for my delivery of food to arrive from the coop..I wonder what I ordered?

Lunch today was flatbread pizza. I love the idea of flatbread – simple to make with only a few ingredients (essentially flour and water) and ready to eat in less than an hour. In a previous life (say last week), I would have thought an hour was a long time to wait for a piece of bread…but compared to 3 or 4 hours, it’s looking good!
This flatbread is based on a recipe in Mark Bittman’s book Food Matters. Here’s a link to a video demonstration of the flatbread.  A key tip is using a non-stick skillet, which I discovered the hard way, as I had more than one failed attempt where the bread would not release from the baking or pizza pans (it tasted great, but one had to scrape it out!)
To make the pizza, I just topped the finished flatbread with grated mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil (all local) and baked a little longer.
Here’s a link Bittman’s recipe: Easy Whole Grain Flatbread