No food.

Apparently I forgot to push the order confirmation button for my co-op order…so no food came yesterday. No 10 pounds of tomatoes for the tomato sauce and no beef for beef bourguignon for Patrick (and no eggs and no milk…). This presents a slight wrinkle in my cooking plan for this week!

Having solved the immediate problem of dinner last night by going to the real grocery store and getting milk and eggs (Breakfast Night!!), I am seeing this odd turn of events as an opportunity.

Perhaps it is like one of the Food Network food/game shows – like Chopped, except the basket is empty! For this game, the question is “what is the minimum amount of food I need to buy to have delicious meals this week?” An econovore’s paradise…

Alternatively, it is a chance to checkout some of the other sources of local foods – roadside stands, co-op grocery stores, etc. I am looking forward to an interesting week…not quite what I had planned, but interesting, nonetheless!