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I have fully recovered from the disappointment of having not ordered any local food this week from the co-op. This morning I made this week’s order and doubled-down – 25lbs of tomatoes and a bushel of peaches!

As such, next weekend is going to be busy!!! I hope I’ll have room in the kitchen…at any rate, I confirmed the order and all should be well.

Today’s cooking project involved using up some of the remaining food in the refrigerator. I read about using shredded potatoes as the base crust for a quiche. I opted against the quiche (not having the evaporated milk called for in the recipe,) but thought I’d try some version of oven-baked hashbrowns. They are very good…I think we’ll add some eggs and have them for lunch.

I used 1 and 1/2 pounds of organic mini-roaster potatoes, onions (yellow and red as found in the fridge), and bell peppers (red and orange, also found in the fridge). I shredded the potatoes in the food processor and chopped the onions and bell peppers. I then tossed the potato-onion-pepper mixture with oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, before placing in a thin layer in a baking dish (I used four baking dishes). I baked the hashbrowns in a 425 degree oven until crispy, about 30 minutes. Tasty!