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Yesterday was a rare treat – a day to experiment artistically.

I had purchased some solar reactive transparent fabric paints and thought I’d give them a try on my silk scarves. As with many experiments, I’m not sure how successful this project was. While the wrenches, nuts, and washers yielded cool prints, they may not be the most popular subjects for scarves. And overall the color is far less intense than my usual silk dyes which are steam fixed.

Despite the very hot day, I had a great time – working freely without a plan and without the pressures of producing something immediately saleable.

But the greatest accomplishment of the day might have been the non-descript casserole I made for dinner.

You see, in the past, on a busy, artistic day (every surface of the house is now covered with art supplies), I would have said, “Let’s have pizza…” (I’m thinking that Patrick might be missing the “good old days”). But, last night, I didn’t panic at the sight of my kitchen and was still able to cook…

I made a variant of the Veggie Oven Pancake which was remarkably similar to the Impossible Cheeseburger Pie recipe found on the back of the Bisquick box. I used the same recipe as the one mentioned in Day 8 but added ground beef (NC of course). The veggies I used were squash, corn, and scallions (the random items in the fridge). It was pretty tasty, but difficult to get an attractive photo…but here’s one anyway:

Have a great day!!!