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And the current winner is…basil!

I mentioned awhile back that my approach to gardening was “survival of the fittest” (May 13 post).Granted, I have been dutifully watering my plants every day, if not twice a day, as it has been very hot and dry this summer. But I haven’t done anything else…no food, no fertilizer…

And guess what? The results of my effort (or lack there of) show…almost all of my plants are still alive, but they haven’t grown much and certainly are displaying no interest in bearing fruit.

In fact the only productive ones are the herbs (oregano, thyme, lemon verbena, parsley, stevia) and my vibrant, beautiful basil.

I’m not sure if the basil is thriving because it is naturally self-reliant or because it is the most loved (and thus most watered) plant in the garden…either way it is a winner. Speaking of which, somewhat tangentally, I recommend a wonderful documentary on plants, The Botany of Desire, which is available on Netflix streaming.

While I still have hopes that some of the other plants will produce something…there are a few flowers on the canteloupe and the peppers, I’ve decided to concentrate on creating an larger herb garden…and will leave the tomato growing to the professionals!

Tomato note: there are 25 lbs. of tomatoes (skillfully grown by co-op farmers) on my counter…today’s project: tomato sauce!!