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Tomatoes! Yesterday Patrick and I made tomato sauce from the 25 pounds of tomatoes which arrived from the co-op.

It was wonderful to have his help with the peeling and seeding as the pile of tomatoes looked enormous. I started with the same recipe as I did earlier this month (that time with only a few of pounds of tomatoes) coupled with some of the inspiration from Chris and Daisy’s Kumato recipe.

After the peeling and seeding step, I roasted the newly diced tomatoes with fresh basil, garlic, basalmic vinegar, olive oil, dried oregano (it was local to Elizabeth and Neal…), fresh oregano (local to my garden), salt and pepper. After several hours, the result was a very thick, rich tomato sauce.

The other result was that there wasn’t much of it. This was the somewhat disheartening step where I couldn’t believe that all of our hard work and all of those tomatoes created such a small amount of sauce. Prepared sauce from the grocery store was looking like a pretty good option for the future.

But, the recipe had one more step which I decided to wait on: adding a fair amount  of water and wine to it (thus increasing the yield). As I was planning to freeze the sauce, I opted to leave it in the concentrated state and add the liquid (and possibly meat or additional veggies) when I planned to use it. I also froze some in ice cube trays to use for mini-pizzas. (I made 14 mini-pizza crusts while watching the soccer game…). Maybe for lunch today??

Here’s a mini-photo essay of the tomato sauce:

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