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In about 24 hours, the bushel of peaches went from “not ripe yet” to “freeze me now!”

I was a bit apprehensive about preparing that many peaches as I am somewhat allergic to them (not a dangerous allergy, but something called oral allergy syndrome – the allergy is actually to birch pollen and the result is that it is rather uncomfortable to eat certain raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables).

Luckily, I had help, and the peach prep went very well – significantly faster than the 25 pounds of tomatoes. It was messy, though. I think we used every large bowl in the house and coated a few counters in simple syrup.

I am looking forward to peach pies, cobblers and other baked peach dishes which I can eat!

Here’s the experimental section of today’s post…I’d love to see how the poll feature works? Would you be so kind help me out by answering this innocuous test question…(of course, the answers might be rewarded with pie (or lack thereof, if desired!)). Thanks!!