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Electricity is one of those things we take for granted until we don’t have any.

Last night the power went out around 9:30 or 10:00 pm – by the illumination of our iPads and laptops, we were able to light a few candles, close up the house and make it to bed. The power popped on briefly around 2 am (I think), and I got up to turn off all the lights. A few minutes later, the power was gone again – not too much of an issue at 2 in the morning, but more annoying at 6, then 7 am. What if the power wasn’t coming back?

A few months after we moved to North Carolina, we experienced our first hurricane (Fran). Coming from California, we had no concept of what hurricanes were like. We knew it was coming, but just went to bed that night without a second thought. We woke up to a lot of hurricane damage and no power for 4 days – 8 months pregnant, very hot, and no power for days!

So without internet and tv, there was a brief moment this morning when I wondered if something had happened (we didn’t have any storms yesterday). I figured that if armageddon were really here, someone might have called…

My next big concern was all my food in the freezer – see, this anecdote does have something to do with food!! How long did I have before my peaches, blueberries and tomato sauce melted and spoiled? While freezing is a lot simpler than canning (at least to me!), there is a certain risk of power outage.

Fortunately, by 8 am, all of my worries were over…the power was on, coffee could be made, and the frozen food was safe. Oh, and the internet worked too – so I could write today’s installment of the Carolina Locavore!