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“Little. Crunchy. Different.” The advertising slogan on the box of Farmers Roasted Soynuts is a perfect description of this very LOCAL and very healthy snack food.

Earlier this summer, in one of my econovore-locavore conundrums, I was concerned about place of legumes in an NC local diet. (Did any of you think that I “need to get a life?”) One of the challenges of locavorism is that not all foods are grown in all places. For a frequently vegetarian household, vegetable protein is important. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that we have an excellent source of  protein and fiber grown and prepared right here in Sanford, North Carolina.

These roasted soybeans (you can read more about them on the company website) are sold in snack size packs, see photo, and in two flavors, original and spicy. Nutritionally, one pack has 23 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber for 250 calories. While one might think that 250 calories is a lot, the soynuts take a while to eat – they are small and dense – so realistically one could snack all day on one pack. Did I mention that there were 23 grams of protein in the pack?

But, the best part is yet to come… the creative kitchen of the Carolina Locavore has come up with a way of incorporating these ultra healthy soynuts in a delicious treat that is snapped up in minutes and begged for…so stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post…