It is the end of the month, and we are getting very close to using up all of our $129 non-locavore dollars. While this blog is supposed to concentrate on the bounty of local food, on some levels the choice of how to spend the non-locavore dollars is a bit more interesting.

So, this weekend we had a dilemma. One of our family members received some very good news, and our first thought was to go out to dinner to celebrate. But as we only had $8 left in the non-locavore budget, we had to decide to a) ignore the budget as it is arbitrary anyway, b) rationalize the expense as part of something else and not food, or c) make a different choice.

As it turned out, several family members were more interested in doing whatever they were doing (computer, singing, etc.) than eating dinner so we quickly downgraded the celebration event to dessert. This tends to be a good strategy for us because it has all of the fun of going out, offers a special tasty treat, and is a whole lot less expensive. So out for ice cream we went…

But, as the observant reader who could see the photo might guess, there is more…we decided to stop at the grocery store on our way to getting ice cream. We thought we’d see if they bakery just happened to have any of their doughnut boxes – at the end of the day they sometimes offer 12 to 14 yummy doughnuts for $2.49 – a great deal fit for a celebration (and enough doughnuts to extend that celebration to the next day…). An econovore success: the transformation of a budget destroying meal out to a satisfying $2.49 dessert for 4.