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We are officially out of non-locavore dollars – the last stop at the grocery store for flour, chocolate chips (to make soynut clusters), and carrots did us in (and maybe a couple of items from the dollar menu)…

But before anyone takes pity, we have also been the fortunate recipients of a “Beeracle” or two – a miracle where a kind soul drops off a pack of beer – and I’ve attended a few meetings lately where the host has brought pizza (more on that in Wednesday’s installment). So, we’re not suffering.

In fact, we’ve discovered a new fun activity – scouring the grocery store for North Carolina products! While the non-locavore dollars are scarce, there is ample room on the 80% local NC food side for purchases. Patrick found more wine (expect a guest blog soon!), we selected more peaches, and I bought a bag of roasted peanuts.

Peanuts in the shell bring back great memories – visits to NC as a child to see the grandparents, eating at restaurants where one could throw the shells on the floor, and more recently, Antonio’s Pizzeria in Catalina (I just love Catalina!).

Back to home…North Carolina produces about 7% of the US annual peanut consumption – for more information on the history of the peanut in this part of the country, check out: The Peanut’s Journey to Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina

In other July 25th news, we’d like to wish Neal a very Happy Birthday!!!