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Downtown Sanford (photos of coffee and flour unavailable due to uncharged camera battery)

The locavore plan will get a makeover for August.

Not a big makeover, but some minor adjustments to account for some unexpected (and less than optimal) phenomena we discovered this month. OK, that sounds more like a scientific breakthrough than the purchasing of white flour, but you get the idea.

It seems that we may need a third category that is broader than locavore and includes conscientious food purchases. Take coffee for example.

By placing coffee (a very non-local food) in the limited non-local category, we opted to choose the cheapest drinkable coffee we could find (for the econovores out there, it was Maxwell House’s French Roast on sale…). But in the spirit of the locavore project, purchasing fair trade, organic coffee would be a better choice. (Yes, not drinking coffee at all would solve the problem too, but we like our coffee!). So, the system needs to be revised to reward good coffee purchasing.

We had a similar issue regarding flour. If you bake all of your own bread products, you use a lot of flour. North Carolina grows very little wheat. As far as I know most of the flour we would consider local and easily purchasable is milled here, but not grown here. So, while we have considered the locally-milled wheat local, it is most likely not that local.

The problem is that this flour is more coarsely ground than is desirable for our family’s taste in baked goods. The result has been a tendency to move back to all-purpose white flour (an inexpensive option for the treasured non-local budget). A better choice health-wise would be to use a non-local whole wheat flour like King Arthur’s 100% organic white whole wheat flour.

I’m not quite sure how our revisions will work (I have 2 days to figure that out), but I would like our plan to reflect more of the spirit of what we are trying to accomplish than a strict adherence to numbers (which we haven’t quite managed either…but not too far off).