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Here is the Revised Locavore Plan (August Version)

After even more consideration and a month of experience, we’ve decided to reclassify a few items and percentages. Essentially we will go to a 75%/25% plan where:

75% of the food cost will be either Local or Conscientious and 25% will be non-local or other – see definitions below:

50% Strictly Local: ($324)

  • Fruits and Vegetables (Aim to buy the CSA Mystery Produce Box every week)
  • Meats (We will be largely vegetarian…but on rare occasions…)
  • Milk and other available local dairy
  • Nuts
  • NC Wines

25% Conscientious: ($162)

  • Ingredients only: like baking soda, yeast, sugar, flour – choose best option available
  • No prepared/pre-packaged foods (including those by NC producers)
  • Fair trade coffee
  • Necessary but unavailable ingredient fruits and vegetables – carrots, onions, garlic
  • US Grains, legumes
  • Dairy – choose best option

25% Non-local: ($162)

  • Restaurants
  • Prepackaged/prepared foods
  • Unnecessary out of season foods, non-local foods
  • Non NC Beverages

Hopefully these new modifications will give a little more room in the non-local category and encourage healthy, good food choices in the conscientious category. By purchasing the produce box weekly, we’ll have a greater variety of fruits and vegetables in the diet and more creative recipes (with help from the extra items in the conscientious category, like more cheese!).