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One of the big changes for this month is a commitment to buy the CSA produce box. It’s not too much of a sacrifice in July – what an amazing bounty of foods!

My first project is to figure out what to do with all of these veggies. Actually, the first project is to name them. I think I’m good up until the peppers. I’m so glad that I’ve been reading Daisy’s blog which has chronicled several delicious uses for jalapeno (the ones on the bottom left are jalapenos, right?)

So it appears that I have: chard, cabbage, parsley, flat-leaf parsley, 3 boxes of grape tomatoes, 3 acorn squash, 4 bell peppers, salad tomatoes, roma tomatoes, an eggplant, potatoes and a bunch of random peppers.

The chard already went into a Veggie Pancake – sauteed with onions, it was very good and bodes well for the greens to come this fall and winter.

The roma tomatoes will probably go with the 25 pound case I bought this week to freeze. The other ones we’ll just munch on.

The bell peppers will most likely be made into stuffed peppers – we had them last week and they were tasty but unphotogenic (which is why you didn’t hear about them).

I found several options for the squash involving butter, brown sugar and possibly maple syrup. Potatoes are never a problem. Maybe some sort of cole slaw for the cabbage.

So, that leaves the eggplant, the parsleys, and the peppers…any suggestions – especially for the eggplant, which looks to be a hard sell in this house…Thanks!!