Eggplant is not a family favorite.

Flavorwise, the ratatouille was pretty decent, but overall, there was no hiding the main ingredient.

Actually, that was one of the intentions of the recipe…“A really good ratatouille is not one of the quicker dishes to make, as each element is cooked separately before it is arranged in the casserole to partake of a brief communal simmer. This recipe is the only one we know of which produces a ratatouille in which each vegetable retains its own shape and character.”

For today’s post, I thought we could play a game: Can you match the quote to the family member?

a) Is all of the eggplant gone now?

b) Of the ways one can eat eggplant, this is not bad.

c) It would be good without the eggplant.

d) Yum, no I’m just kidding, eew!

e) I’m no Julia Child.

f) If you have to cook eggplant, this is definitely the way to do it.

g) You are not going to feed this to my friends, are you?

h) Fail!

i) If I’m going to spend this much time cooking something, it ought to have chocolate in it.

j) Just how nutritious is eggplant, anyway?

See answers tomorrow….

You may have noticed that some of the comments were slightly positive (b) and (f). If you like eggplant or at least don’t actively dislike it, then this may be a great recipe. Here is the link again: http://knopfdoubleday.com/marketing/cooking/Ratatouille-condensed.pdf