I’m pretty excited about this week’s mystery produce box.

First, note the size of the eggplant in the top left corner (behind the garlic) – nice and small – maybe eggplant parmesan this time.

I’ll definitely make the coleslaw again and the cucumbers will be great with the tomatoes (not shown). I’m particularly happy that we have quite a few items that can go into a veggie pancake – a variety of squash and peppers.

I had better cook last week’s acorn squash soon, otherwise, I will have a growing collection for a table centerpiece. At the rate of 4 new squash a week, I could have upwards of 70 by Thanksgiving….

The produce box also marks an opportunity for me to get back on track with my cooking. I’ve updated the numbers and we are at 54% strictly local,  19% conscientious, and 27% non-local. We have also spent $141 so far (a bit over where we should be MTD).  While the percents aren’t too bad, they represent 4 trips to McDonald’s in a week…not an exemplary record even for an imperfect locavore. There’s been a bit of stress eating…can you tell? So, this week promises to be better…