Patrick designed this beautiful mini pizza with basil and sun gold tomatoes

While the produce box necessitates a certain amount of variety in our diet, one can not live on pure veggies.

For our basic meals, we seem to eat the same items – you’ve already met them: steel cut oats, muffins, pasta, pizza, focaccia with caprese salad, and the standby veggie pancake. It is pretty safe to assume that if you don’t read about our meals of the day, it was either a repeat or a clandestine foray to McDonalds.

Going forward, I need to add to my repertoire and, most importantly, find some dishes that are so appealing that that we can’t wait to have a locavore lunch or dinner.

The challenge has been that many common items are difficult under this plan. For example, a sandwich. One of the key ingredients of a sandwich is bread. But if I make bread, we eat it in minutes because it tastes best hot with with butter. (Mmm!) There is almost never bread left for sandwiches…and if there is, it too hard and dense or it was eaten by a rogue dog.

Another barrier for me has been a certain aversion to cooking meat. While I don’t mind eating cooked meat, I have trouble working with it raw. In the past I solved this problem by purchasing those nice convenience packs of already grilled chicken or steak (not locavore! not made from scratch! not promoting free range or grass fed animals! Wrong on all accounts, except that it tastes good and I can prepare meals with it…)

Dilemmas aside, I think that I need to spend some time working on new really appealing meal ideas…in addition to figuring out what to do with the remaining mystery produce items…