More peaches!

Several weeks ago, I prepared a bushel of peaches for freezing with my daughters, and yesterday I had the joy of peeling and slicing peaches with my mother.

It was a wonderful afternoon filled with the aroma of peaches and the memories of my grandmother and my mother’s grandmother – all in all, five generations.

One of the most pleasant aspects of cooking from scratch is time spent hanging around the kitchen table (with the cat lying on the floor on one side of the table and the dog on the floor on the other side). We chatted and visited and enjoyed just “being.”

In the end we froze 8 bags of peaches – enough for 8 pies or cobblers. I left out one bag intending to make a peach crisp, but opted to try out the jam cycle of the bread machine instead – a most delicious choice!

For this jam, I drained the sliced peaches and mashed them slightly. I added them to the bread machine with about half a cup of sugar (it’s pretty sweet, so I could have done less). The result is a lovely concoction that could be used as a jam or a topping for ice cream. Patrick nabbed some midway through the cooking process to top his oatmeal. Yum!