Who knew that a hot gift for a soon-to-be twelve year old was bacon?

One of G’s best friends!

Among the gifts of bracelets, watches, art supplies, necklaces, and other cool items from the girls coming to spend the night to celebrate G’s birthday was the thoughtful gift of bacon.

Apparently our attempt at healthy locavorism has left our daughter deprived of this important food (actually it has left all of us deprived…). On a visit to her friend’s house, she showed tremendous interest in the cooking of the bacon. Lured by the aroma, she wondered aloud “is it done yet?” more than once (probably a bit of an understatement) and reveled in eating this oh so delicious forbidden food. Thus the idea for a great present!

As a side note, one might recall that one of the exceptions to the plan was a birthday meal for each family member. G selected her sleepover party as the meal and I purchased more junk food in one trip than I should have bought in a year. The ladies in line behind me commented on it…not giving me any credit for the two bags of whole wheat flour, onions, carrots and other healthy things obscured by the chips and oreos…there was a certain unfair irony there!!!