I wish I could take credit for this spectacular dessert!

The crowning moment of Ginevra’s birthday party was the presentation of this very impressive (and tasty) Baked Alaska made by Nancy Lou (Nana). Ice cream, sherbet (Ginevra’s favorite), and a layer of chocolate cake were encased by the perfectly browned meringue.

Not only delicious, this cake was especially fitting as NL and J recently returned from a grand tour of Alaska (well-timed to enjoy the beauty of Alaska and escape the oppressive heat of North Carolina). For trivia buffs, the Baked Alaska is a signature dish of Delmonico’s Steak House in New York City created in 1867 to celebrate the US purchase of Alaska. It is still an amazing dessert 144 years later!

And now for important blogging news…the Carolina Locavore will have a guest blogger for the next several days. While the girls and I will be in Washington DC touring the capitol and visiting family, Patrick will be a) enjoying some peace and quiet, b) working on the boat, and c) filling in for me on the blog. So, please stay tuned for that special wit that only Patrick can provide….