Well this photography thing is not quite so easy after all.  Originally I wanted to post a picture of my home cooked Carolina local dinner, but I dropped the camera.  This is on the way down. No worries. I glued it back together with a hot glue gun, but I think I should have been more careful about protecting the lens when I did that. I think Walmart has my camera model.

In all, I am adjusting to this bachelor life pretty well, but I can’t say the same for the cats.  They keep meowing at me and then walking back and forth swishing their tails.  I don’t know what’s up with that.  I am doing laundry tonight.  I have this garden tamper that I used to pack all the clothes into one load.  I kind of wish I had sprayed it off before using it on laundry, now there are these great big balls of red clay dirt mixed in with the clothes. I hope Karen doesn’t mind.  It is mostly her stuff.

Dinner turned out well, though I learned not to leave the oven mitt in the toaster oven while cooking.  Actually, it wasn’t really a real oven mitt; I could only find some latex gloves Karen uses while painting.  I thought I was pre-staging my equipment, but it turns out they just catch fire.  It was kind of neat really; the sparks flew everywhere, and oven mitts burn the prettiest blue.  The dinner was sort of black at this point with melted blue globs from the oven mitt here and there.  I ran it under the sink for a few minutes and put some ketchup and peach jam on it.  It didn’t cut real well, and I bent one or two knives on the blue parts.  In fact, I think I found some bits of obsidian, but it tasted OK.  Certainly better than anything I had cooked before.

So tomorrow, I am going to try to cook a real Carolina Locavore breakfast and then paint the counter and cabinets where the toaster oven used to be. I don’t have the right color paint, but maybe Karen will like one green cabinet door.  Talk to you tomorrow. – pjw