Hi loyal readers. My highly organized and loving wife, knowing my kitchen skills, kindly cooked up a few meals for me in case my home cooked delights didn’t turn out all that delightful (or edible).  Day two of bachelorhood, and I took her up on the offer, since everything I had cooked sort of turned into little black cinders.  I was getting hungry.

Well into the freezer I went and came out with the bag shown in the picture.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was, either chicken or brussel sprouts, so I took it out to the shop and ran it through the table saw a few times.  Some holes with the drill for air, and a bit of shaping with the router and the electric sander, and this meal was ready for the pot.

Into a large pot with some water, ketchup, and peach jam went my newest concoction, and off I went to work on the boat for an hour or two.  That turned out to be a little long, because the water was all gone when I got back, and the ketchup and peach jam had formed a sort of black and orange glue adhering the thing to the bottom of the pot.  I hit the pot a few times with a sledge hammer and used a blow torch to try and pry my dinner loose.

My sledge hammer handle snapped and the head went through a window, but eventually I got it out of the pot.  I had better get Karen a new one. This one was a wedding present and it doesn’t look very round any.more.  In the end, I had a great home cooked meal, and if it wasn’t for the obviously angry cats pacing back and forth swishing their tails and meowing at me, it would have been perfect.

I think I am getting the hang of this cooking and blogging thing.  Tomorrow, as soon as I talk to the insurance adjuster about the garage door (did I mention that I was working on the boat in the garage?) I will go out shopping for a real fancy dinner. I will tell you all  about it tomorrow. Take care. – pjw