Today was supposed to be the wine review day, but I ran into a few problems with the selected vintage. Things started out well enough; I went to the local wine store and purchased a particular vintage of an up and coming North Carolina winery.  I must admit I got a few looks because of the hole in the windshield, but I haven’t had time to take care of that yet. I got home and decided to open up the bottle to let it breathe.  I was greeted as usual by two of the angriest cats I have ever seen. They are always so nice.  I don’t get it.

I couldn’t find my regular cork screw.  I think I had used it to try to fix toaster oven number 3 and I melted it.  Or that was Anne’s teething spoon. I don’t remember. Anyway, lacking a cork screw, I grabbed a screw driver and hammer from the shop to push the cork into the bottle.   That worked well enough with only the minor cost of one thumb, but now I couldn’t take a picture of the bottle because of the cork.

No worries! I duct taped the screw driver to the blender and tried to mash the cork into little pieces.  That didn’t work so well.  Once I turned the blender on  high, the bottle spun too and flew across the room between the two angry cats and onto the white couch.  By the time I got to it, there was only about a glass left in the bottle.

That was OK, since I could still take a picture of some wine in the glass.  I thought I would try a fancy macro shot like my cousin Chris does so well.  I got real close to the glass, but my perspective isn’t as good as his judging from the result.  I tried to slurp up the remaining wine from the counter so I could at least write the review, and that is when I remembered that I never really cleaned up the hot sauce I had spilled there earlier in the day. “A spicy little vintage with hints of jalapeno and tobasco.”  That didn’t seem like a very nice review.

In all another happy day eating locally and informing the world of my accomplishments. I can’t wait to try new cooking exploits tomorrow! – pjw