I was standing between my dog and the very nice steak I was intending to cook.  In retrospect this wasn’t a great location, but Luna got the best dinner ever. At least the dog is happy.  The cats are no end of angry at me.  Go figure.  I made do with uncooked rice (not likely to burn that way).  Sort of crunchy, but a good deal less cinder like.  In fact, uncooked rice tastes OK with some ketchup and peach jam.

I am surprising Karen by cleaning up  the house tonight.  Since the vacuum cleaner exploded the other day when I was cleaning up in the shop, I took the leaf blower and tried to push the dirt out the back door.  I think a few photo albums and a painting or two from the wall went too.  It is sort of hard to tell, since the pile in the back yard is pretty big at this point.  The rain made all the books that went out into a big pile of mush.  I thought about just burning the lot and starting fresh, but I saw my neighbor shaking his fist at me again.  I think he is still upset about his picture window among other things. Whoops. Maybe a low profile is best.

I also thought Karen might like it if I rearranged the house a bit, so I took out a wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Not intentionally mind you, but since the deed was done, I decided I would make the best of it and move the oven into where the dining room used to be.  More efficient that way.

I pick my lovely wife up from the train station tomorrow evening.  Now that I have shown how well I do on my own, I am going to suggest that she let me help around the kitchen more.  Usually I have to sit still and stay away from anything breakable, but I think I can do a lot more around the house.   Tomorrow, I am going to tackle  a few plumbing projects before I pick her up.  There’s no fun like plumbing, I always say.  Talk to you all tomorrow!  – pjw