The camera and I seem to be at odds today, so as the husband of a great artist, I tried my hand at a sketch to show progress on the boat.  I think I captured this particular phase of construction quite well, if I do say so.  Note the addition of the port rub-rail and the work on the foredeck.  When Karen gets back, I am going to see if she would be OK with me quitting my job and becoming a full-time artist.  I can’t wait!

For dinner tonight, I decided not to cook an entrée and instead just had ketchup and peach jam.  I am out of uncooked rice, and I am a little embarrassed about the visits from the local volunteer fire department every time I cook.   I think I will write a new cook book called “Ketchup and Peach Jam: it could be worse.”  It will be a million seller.

Tomorrow, my lovely wife will return as author of this valuable resource, and I will return to my normal blog job of occasional wine reviewer (spell check says it should be whine reviewer; maybe it is right?). It has been a blast (literally a few times) and I hope to have a new wine review for you soon.  Take care. – pjw