The Carolina Locavore is back!

Thank you Patrick for filling in with your humorous tales designed to garner a) laughs, b) sympathy for being abandoned by your family, and/or c) the opportunity to be excused from all further household chores. It turns out that his posts were indeed fictional and all is well here, including the cats!

In fact, with a little help from the rain, my basil plants are still alive, and it seemed like a great day to make pesto. The project was helped by Janet who brought me three bags of pinenuts from her farmer’s market in California. Like a favorite adage, “it’s five o’clock somewhere,” it seems to follow that all foods are “local to someone.” (A locavore thought to ponder…)

Anyway, the house is now filled with the aroma of basil, parmesan, and garlic. Mmm! I believe will be making some fresh pasta tonight. Here’s the recipe I started from – a hand written card, with the title, “Pesto a la Dana” Thanks Dana!

Pesto a la Dana

3 cups basil

1 cup parmesan

1/2 cup olive oil

3 to 4 cloves garlic

1/2 cup pinenuts

salt and pepper

Directions: mix together in a processor