This Week's Produce Box

Well, I made it through my morning of cooking and finished on time!

8:45 – Started preparing Pizza Dough for the Bread Machine.

9: 00 – Lentils and Rice cooking on the stove (I made the oatmeal yesterday).

9:05 – Blueberry Muffins and Spice muffins (ahead of schedule, but I ran into a snag – out of oil! I had olive oil, but not a good option for baking sweets. Luckily a special delivery of oil appeared at 9:30 and all was well! Thanks!)

9:35 – Muffins in the oven.

9:40 – Internet research on how to poach chicken.

9:50 – Lentils are being very pokey about cooking. Move them over to a different pot in order to free up the stock pot for the chicken.

9:55 – Chicken begins cooking (I was able to get the raw chicken into the pot with no drama – yeah!).

10:00 – Make pancakes.

10:13 – Ahead of schedule. Stop to take a photograph. Do dishes.

10:25 – Break over. Remove pizza dough from bread machine. Wash out bread pan and start focaccia dough. Bake Pizza Crusts. Worry about chicken.

10: 45 – Prepare veggies for roasting and  somewhere in there take out the chicken. Do dishes.

11:00 – Start to feel tired and consider skipping the cookies and soynut clusters.

11:01 – Find additional resolve and make cookie dough for Spiced Whole Wheat Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies.

11:30 – Make Soynut Clusters. Do dishes.

12:00 – Prepare focaccia for the oven. Evict the roasted vegetables from the oven. They seem done enough.

12:08 – Focaccia in the oven. Do dishes.

12:28 – Remove focaccia from the oven…Mission accomplished!

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