Everyone loved the lentil soup. Everyone. Even certain “selective” eaters.

I think the lentil board needs to improve their marketing image as lentils actually taste pretty good despite the negative connotation.

Perhaps part of the problem is their unphotogenic appearance. I decided to skip the close up photography (stood back as far as possible) and added a few larger pieces of onion and parsley to diffuse the brown mushiness. Maybe this is a start of a photographic challenge…can you create a photograph of lentil soup that looks appealing? Anyone?

The good news is that the soup was quite good. I created it by cooking the pre-cooked lentils with a number of the already-roasted vegetables and a bit more “Better than Bouillon” vegetable stock. After 20 to 30 minutes, I popped it in the food processor. It might have looked better if I hadn’t blended it, but then someone might have noticed that I hid certain vegetables (beginning with e) in it.

So far, my weekend cooking plan has worked out beautifully. In addition to the lentil soup, I made a rice/lentil/veggie/cheese (optional chicken) casserole, chicken soup, the start of a squash soup (I need to buy an apple today), and staged the veggies for today’s vegetable pancakes. I was able to go through the medley of roasted vegetables and pick out which ones went in which dish…all quite fun!