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Last night’s dinner was a trio of veggie oven pancakes – a vegetarian one for the girls with potatoes and sweet potatoes (popular!), a chicken and veggie one for us (had the greens in it and yet untouched), and third batch made into mini-pancake quiche things (some with chicken and veggies, others with just veggies).

I had been wanting to experiment with muffin-sized mini pancakes so that I could have the option to vary the ingredients (most likely to add or omit meat). While pretty good, I have three improvements for next time.

1) Use the silcone baking cups instead of the paper liners (a bit sticky)

2) Up the seasoning – I have a zillion peppers in the freezer but I don’t know how to use them. Do I just chop and add to food? Alternatively, we could top them with salsa or something a little spicier.

3) And lastly, do something to identify which ones have the chicken in them…that would have been smart!

Regardless, I think they are a great choice for a savory breakfast (I had one this morning!) or dinner to please some varied tastes!

Here’s the link the basic recipe again – it is from Simply in Season, one my favorite cook books for local foods.