We have a few longstanding traditions regarding food.

Living in North Carolina, we are frequently in the path of hurricanes. Luckily, we live 100 miles inland so the impact of most hurricanes is just a bit of wind, heavy rain, and power outages (except Fran in 1996 which was a bit more dramatic).

Still, one needs to stock up on food in case we are unable to get to the store for a few days. Generally this includes nutritious canned foods and water (which we have). But we have added to list a number of pleasurable foods. If you are going to be without power and hot and miserable, why not have a few yummy foods to eat? Number one on the list: Oreos!

Unlike earthquakes and other surprise natural disasters, there is usually plenty of notice that a hurricane may be coming our way. In this case, we shopped Wednesday for hurricane food and promptly ate all the food. So timing is critical in buying hurricane yummies – early enough to safely avoid shopping during the storm, but not too early!

Blue skies here in NC after Irene…best wishes to the Northeast today!