August 27 Produce Box

I spoke too soon about the produce box having all edible items – in the top center of the photograph, you will find a blue dish filled with a southern specialty that I’m not quite ready for…more on the veggie that should not be named later on (when I attempt to cook it).

The presence of the okra (oops! I named it) was more than made up for by the discovery of the Royal Burgundy Bean. This stringless bush bean is simply beautiful – deep purple on the outside and green on the inside. They taste like regular green beans and worked well in the (not-so-locavore) green been casserole I made.

Royal Burgundy Beans

The big surprise is the beans turn green when cooked – this is a considered a feature: “built in blanching indicator.” If I have gardening amnesia next year and do not re-read my posts about my lack of gardening ability, I might have to try growing these beans.

Okay, I have to ask: any tips on cooking okra?