More scones, recipe Day 56

The new month is here! And August is over…August had some ups and downs in my locavore experiment.

First, the ups: I’ve learned quite a few new recipes and was very pleased with the concept of the cooking marathon. It worked well to cook many dishes at once and reduce the necessity of cooking every day. Also, positive was freezing summer fruits and veggies for the winter. The other big change for August was adding the conscientious category, which improved the taste of many dishes by allowing for added ingredients like non-NC cheese.

For the downs: my financial tracking was a disaster. With two birthdays and a week in Washington DC, there were far too many exceptions to get accurate numbers. The corollary was that without tracking I suspect we overbought in the conscientious category – who could resist the giant bag of Quinoa (not local!) at BJ’s (like Costco)?

So, the new month is here and a chance to start over…is anyone wondering what my plan of the month will be?

Surprise: no changes. Just more accurate tracking (with only 30 days and no birthdays (in this house) the month should be easier). I will try to focus on simple meals to accommodate a busy schedule with the election and my art show coming soon. I will also try to develop some meals that are better for the waistline…who would have that that constant cook could result in more eating? Like the scones, made just for Annie this morning!