Day 3 of the hiatus brings us a fairly locavore dinner: pizza made with crusts frozen from my big plan-ahead cooking day and baked on the pizza stones, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella from two different local dairies, basil from the garden and onions from the refrigerator (I think they were store bought…)

It was great to have the crusts on hand. These were made with the bread machine pizza dough recipe from Day 23 but instead of making 4 thin crusts or 14 mini crusts I ended up with two nice thick crusts. Needless to say, we had plenty of leftovers!

One item we don’t have leftover is okra.

Action shot of the Okra Toss Co-Champion

The rather limp uncooked okra that had been haunting me became the key player in a number of games yesterday at our family Labor Day Party. The most successful one was “The Okra Toss” where participants attempted to toss 4 okra pods into a bowl. Watch out – if you try this at home -they are very bouncy! Most of the other okra games devolved into pelting the other players with okra. Also fun! We are slightly concerned that our hostesses’ yard will become the home of many new okra plants next year!

Another exciting piece of news is that our NC food co-op is offering ice cream! Home delivery of ice cream…it doesn’t get much better than that (okay, maybe making your own ice cream would be better) but I am thrilled!!!