When I last wrote, I was attempting to cook from scratch, prepare for an art show and be the campaign manager for Rebecca’s bid for city council. As it turned out, my noble local cooking plans were supplanted by all too frequent trips to McDonald’s, Chick Fil-A (chicken biscuits!), Subway and Little Caesars (aka campaign food).

It is now November 14th – the art show came and went, and Rebecca will be sworn in to the Sanford City Council early next month (here’s a link to the 11/9 Herald article about the election). Congratulations Rebecca!!!

So, after a hiatus that went just a little longer than I anticipated, I am ready to become reacquainted with my kitchen. In fact, the girls are begging for healthy food. (We hit rock bottom the day after the election when, in packing their lunches, I gave each girl a sandwich, stuffed the rest of the lunch box with candy, and said “Trade for something healthy.”)

The good news is that the hiatus has given me time to reflect further on locavorism and make yet another NEW PLAN. To be continued…