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The Carolina Locavore is going Lite for 2012. Instead of focusing on trying to eat only local foods (or 80% local) and cooking from scratch, I have reduced expectations for 2012. I’ll be happy cooking a recipe or two a week highlighting locally grown foods.

The other objective is to feature waistline friendly recipes. Spending hours on end cooking (and eating) followed by months of consuming fast food during election campaigning have left me unable to fit into my favorite black pants. While I have temporarily solved the problem by purchasing new black pants, they aren’t the same as “favorite black pants.” So, the recipes will be on the lighter side.

Today’s recipe is about as light as one can go…Baby Ginger Lime Tea. No, the lime is not local, but the ginger is! Baby Ginger is picked at a younger age than mature ginger – the skin is thinner and lighter, and the texture is less stringy. The taste is also more gentle.

Gentle ginger is a plus because one of my previous attempts at Ginger Tea left us all feeling as though our throats were seared. No throat burning with this version, and the lime is a pleasant touch! For stronger tea, feel free to increase the quantity of ginger and/or the steeping time.

Baby Ginger Lime Tea

3 Cups of Boiling Water

Thinly sliced baby ginger (or regular ginger)

Lime juice

Thinly slice the ginger (I used 7 g of ginger but I was cautious! Feel free to try more) and set in the tea pot. Add 3 cups of water and let steep for 15-20 minutes. Add a bit of lime juice to taste( I used the juice of about a sixth of a small lime). Enjoy!