Mixed salad greens are the starring local foods of the week. Full of beauty and variety, they make a gorgeous salad even with limited toppings (like tangerines).

We affectionately call the salad from the co-op “Russian Roulette Salad.” While many of the leaves are mild, there are a few greens with an amazingly bitter punch. They add a bit of danger and excitement to salad eating. I suppose one could take the time to taste test each type of green to figure out which ones are problematic…but that would take all of the fun out of it!

Lacking any other salad worthy fresh vegetable, I turned to the bowl of tangerines on the counter (did you know that 40 lbs of tangerines bought to support the local high school marching band are a lot of tangerines?). I made a vinaigrette with the juice and zest of one tangerine and sectioned another to add to the greens. Very fresh and delicious (minus the one roulette bite…)!