In July, I wrote “Carolina Locavore is Karen Walker, an artist, mother and wife with an inexplicable desire to cook from scratch and eat local foods. As her family will attest, she reads way too many books about food, nutrition, behavioral economics and other fascinating topics, like the local food movement…after a several month, “getting ready” period, she and her family are embarking on a year-long adventure of eating mostly-locally. As one who doesn’t have a history of cooking or gardening, “adventure” is the key word.”

Now, at the end of December, Carolina Locavore needs an update…we’ll be going to Locavore Lite – apparently several months of eating homemade baked goods followed by several months of non-locavore dining in the form of fast food (it turns out running political campaigns and cooking from scratch don’t work well together) have left one looking for a lower calorie diet. But, take heart, with an abundance of local foods, one doesn’t have to look far!

So, instead of maximizing local foods at every meal, Locavore Lite will highlight waistline-friendly recipes that feature seasonal local foods.

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