Blue Iris

I spent a bit more time this week painting than I did cooking. I’m not the neatest painter in the world and I often have multi-colored hands, which while completely sanitary as I bathe them in rubbing alcohol, is not visually conducive to activities requiring clean hands, like cooking or laundry (or any household chore, right?) At least, I can rationalize it that way.

Anyway, I did manage to put together a stir fry of local foods. A benefit of ordering perishables from the food co-op is that they are ordered when one has excellent resolve about good diet and arrive later when the resolve is not so high. Luckily they are also the source of guilt (okra excepted) and loom in the refrigerator until I break down and cook them. The napa cabbage was especially guilt-inducing as it was enormous and took up a lot of space.

The stir fry was actually very tasty. A newcomer was Red Asian Greens (the reddish leaf in the photo). Prepared in conjunction with the cabbage, broccoli, ginger, spring onions, and some tofu, it was a good meal. I must confess that I had turkey instead of tofu as my protein. I’m sure there is some witty joke in there about putting the turkey back in Tofurky.

The iris painting is my first ink to use a solid black background. I’m thinking that this technique might be nice for some food paintings. I can see onions, beets, or carrots against the black…we shall see!